Be Done With Pests With These Pest Control Tips

Anyone with a home knows how upsetting it can be to have pests. Pests have the ability to ruin food, spread germs and basically cause worry. Be certain to take decisive steps to eliminate them by incorporating the following advice.

When you find holes that pests can get in through, stop it up with steel wool. Even though mice and rats can chew through a number of materials, these fine strands of metal are too tough for their teeth. Any opening larger than a half inch should be stuffed. These pests are able to get through the tiniest of openings.

When you are not using food, be sure it is properly sealed. A lot of species of pests are drawn to the smell of food, so control food scents. Take the trash out when it’s full. Pests love the smell of trash.

Get rid of the standing water around your home. This can attract many pests, including mosquitoes. Inspect your home and look for leaky pipes. Also, the trays holding your indoor plants might conceal standing water, as well. Without water sources, pests will not thrive in your house.

If you have any plumbing leaks, immediately fix them. Pests need water and are attracted to leaks. If there is a drip far away, they can sense it. Don’t allow pests to invade your home because of a leak you can easily fix. Prevent rodents and bugs from taking up residence by taking a little time to do some preventative maintenance.

Mint can help in the battle against mice in the home. You should plant some mint around your home. The smell will bother mice and other small animals. Sprinkle mint leaves around affected areas if you have a mouse problem. This will get rid of the mice if you use fresh leaves.

Outside lights have their advantages but you should know these lights will attract pests. If you really need outdoor lighting, choose the color of the light carefully. Pink, orange and yellow lights attract the fewest pests.

Even if your home doesn’t show any issues, check the entire thing on occasion. Termites may rear their ugly heads in the underground areas of your home. Get basements and crawl spaces checked out.

Find out more about the types of pests you have in your home. Make a list of things that are toxic or unpleasant to these animals and find out what attracts them. You need to adapt the approach to the variety of pest for the most effective treatment.

Exterior lighting can attract a lot of flying pests. Lighting around your home’s entrance should only be turned on when needed, not left on continuously. It’ll also help if you use orange or yellow lights to reduce the number of pests attracted to them.

Look to your recycling bin for the source of the problem. You need to keep your recycling outside if you can. If you are unable to store your recyclables outside, rinse all containers before you put them in the recycle bin. Sealed recycling containers are your best bet at not attracting pests while you dispose of your garbage.

Try asking neighbors for tips. If you are having problems with mice, for example, your neighbor may be having that same problem. Ask them how they are dealing with the situation. Additionally, you can warn your neighbor about the mouse problem.

You probably have other bugs if you have spiders in the house. Dust and vacuum as much as possible. This can help get rid of bugs, and you won’t see as many spiders.

Read your pesticide’s directions thoroughly and be sure you follow them carefully too. Failing to do so can give you sub-par results. For example, if you’re instructed to apply it every day, don’t miss a day. If the directions aren’t followed properly, it may not work.

Use the tips you’ve just learned for controlling pests. Pests can become a serious problem if you don’t get a handle on them immediately. Apply the knowledge you have gained here to rid yourself of your uninvited house guests yourself.