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Our Services

Residential Pest Control Services

Our year round pest control service will create several barriers around your home to minimize and keep pests away from your property. Your service technician’s goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied and this is why we continue to service your home through each season. Before your technician services your home, we will send an e-mail notification one week in advance for your scheduled appointment. Once your technician arrives to your home he will cover your home with the three barrier protection plan.

We will inject an organic dust into your walls by going behind your power outlets and in any plumbing areas. This helps treat for many pests that are lurking in the walls. If you are having active pests in your home, we can lightly treat along the baseboards with a liquid treatment which has a low odor.


The next barrier is right around the exterior of your home. Your technician applies this with a power-sprayer where he uses at least 6 gallons. This barrier is designed to keep pests from getting back into the walls of your home. We wipe spider webs off your home to prevent spiders from nesting. To prevent spiders from returning we can treat your eves 18 feet up with a micro-encapsulated residual material.


The third and most important barrier is the perimeter of your home. We will treat along the sidewalks, driveway, yard, and fence line. This is where spiders, earwigs, crickets, ants, & other invaders come from. We will continue to service the 2 exterior barriers for maximum protection. We will always re-service inside and outside between visits free of charge.

Commercial Pest Control Services

DSC_0928-copy1-200x300Your business deserves a watchful eye over any kind of pest infestation whether it is roaches, rodents, ants or flies. Our skilled technicians are trained to inspect for cleanliness and to treat any problem areas in and around your facility. We pride ourselves with a satisfaction guarantee during and after business hours for peace of mind.

Our technicians will make a diagram in and around your facility locating problem areas for future reference. We will also leave a report regarding sanitation conditions and pest entry point locations with ways to resolve those issues.

Our commercial pest control services are professionals in these industries: Food & Beverage Processing, Food Service, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Multi-Family Housing, Office Buildings, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Schools, and many other Industries.

Bird Control Services

A bird control and prevention program is essential to the success of your home or business. Because each and everyone has different situations. We will create a plan tailor made for your you. We will use a combination of exclusion, good sanitation, and good prevention methods to ensure your health and safety.

Our Bird Control Methods:

birdnettingBird Netting offers a physical exclusion from pigeons, sparrows, and starlings that may be roosting on your facility or passing through on a daily basis. Bird Netting if possible is the best method of control for large areas such as roof tops, ceilings, alcoves, etc. where birds nest, perch, and reproduce.

7485Avitrol Whole Corn 371071Avitrol is a good method of control in areas such as roof tops, ledges, and warehouses and is a very cost-effective control measure.

Hot foot is designed to deter birds from landing on ledges, piping, and areas where spikes and other bird repellant products may not work quite as well. As birds land they will get their feet or feathers temporarily stuck and will then deter them from coming back to perch in the same area.

Rodent Control


A rodent program is imperative in order to maintain any activity whether it is Rats, Mice, or Gophers. We offer many methods that will fit your needs.

Rodents can fit through any entry point the size of their nose. We will fill all gaps to ensure a proper seal



We crawl your whole attic, walk around your home and inspect your roof for any and all rodent entry points. This is why we give a two-year warranty. We are covering you and also ourselves to ensure you have no more unwanted guests.



Bait Stations

Bait Stations are great monitoring tools outside and they are extremely effective by keeping rodent activity at a minimal level.


Trapping rodents is only effective once we have sealed all entry points, that way they cannot enter and re-enter.

Burrowing Rodents Mounds

We will use various methods with either Phosphide Gas or Strychnine Bait. We will begin by putting this product in the plug of the mound where it is accessible through the tunnel system. The gas will exterminate your burrowing rodents via inhalation and the bait will treat by ingestion.

Cleaning Your Attic & Installing TAP Insulation.

Many attics have issues with rodents, animals, water, and even time will damage your attic.

These types of damages cause diseases, odors, and poor temperature control.

Pictures of infested attic.


Attic Cleaning Before


This process involves:
1) bagging up all infested insulation.
2) vacuuming droppings and debris with HEOA filter.
3) Seal all rodent and animal entry points with wire mesh with 100% visibility.
4) Wipe down rub marks and all bacteria with sanitizer.
5) Apply an odor encapsulation enzyme to remove all smells.
during atiic cleaning


Install T-A-P Insulation:


This green insulation for new and existing homes & buildings made from recycled paper that incorporates a borate-based pest control into the product. Unlike traditional insulations that use rolls of fiberglass, T.A.P layers onto surfaces like paint. The smallest cracks and crevices will be seal to reduce energy loss and keeps pest from entering your structure. While the borates toxicity levels are too low to harm people or pets, the levels are lethal to insects such as mites, silverfish, spiders, ants, and termites. T-A-P insulation offers energy star efficiency by having superior thermal and sound-deadening properties and a unique method of pest control. The features and benefits outweigh the cost of this revolutionary product.

Benefits by using T-A-P Insulation are:

-Rebates- If your current insulation does not meet the new standard r value rating of 30, Sempra Energy will pay you 15 cents per square foot to bring it to R30 Value. What a deal!

-Prevent Pests- Any and all pests that contact this natural borate powder are toast.

-Reduce energy loss- Cracks and crevices are efficiently sealed since tap is much denser than other insulation. It is 32% more energy efficient than traditional insulation.

-Long lifespan- Tap insulation will last 30-50 years with only a 1/2 shrinkage during its life span.

-Noise reduction- The acoustical in tap can reflect external waves from entering your home because of the dense components within this insulation.

-Fire retardant- The properties in this insulation will not catch fire and limit the spread of the flames.

Rebates & Warranties

SDGE Sempra Energy Rebates
T.A.P Warranty
Manufacture Certification