Rodent Repair


Many homes in Southern California were not built to prevent rodents to get inside. Plus rats or mice can get inside the home and cause costly damages to your electrical, insulation, and even structural problems can happen. If you have been battling rats for years and it seems like they keep returning, then you need your home  inspected by us. After our inspection, we will give you full disclosure of whats going on with pictures and details to fix your home. Most importantly, we will get rid of your rats with our:
Lifetime Rodent Warranty
– If combined with our maintenance service

We crawl your whole attic, walk around your home and inspect your roof for any and all rodent entry points. This is why we give a great warranty. We are covering you and also ourselves to get rid your rodents.

Pictures of Rodent Repair Projects Below:

The alcove on this roof had major openings that we needed to repair with mortar to block a major entrance into this attic.

This motor home we worked on was raised off the ground. We needed to repair this home by digging a trench with cement and mesh to keep the rats from getting back in.

The roof on this home had an exposed wall void. The rats were then traveling through the walls. We had to pull back the roof tile and repair the exposed wall void with construction material.

Bait Stations: 
Rats and mice love to eat. Bait stations are great monitoring tools outside your home to see where you have activity. Plus they are extremely effective by keeping rodents away from your home and the population killed down.

Burrowing Rodents Mounds:
We will use various methods with either Phosphide Gas or Strychnine Bait. We will begin by putting this product in the plug of the mound where it is accessible through the tunnel system. The gas will exterminate your burrowing rodents via inhalation and the bait will treat by ingestion.

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