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Learn Everything You Should Know About Pest Control

If you own a home, expect that you’ll have to deal with pests at some point. To keep your house pest-free, it’s important to know the right techniques. When you have the right information, you are better equipped to ward off any unwanted pests.

Plug holes that pests, like mice, can enter using steel wool. Rodents can bite through a lot but this might be cause an issue for them. Seal any opening that is over a half inch in diameter. It is possible for these animals to make their way through very tiny openings.

Gather all the throw rugs you have and sweep them well in order to keep pests down. Ants and tiny bugs hide in carpets, so that should eliminate some of your potential indoor insects. Change the bag of your vacuum cleaner on a regular basis.

Try using pesticides around the foundation of your home. Spray the foundation, as well as steps, porches and areas near doors and windows. Look for cracks that pests can use as an entrance to your home. Make sure you use caulk around these places.

If you had bedbugs and think they’re gone, be wary. A bedbug can survive for up to a year without nourishment. This is the reason why you should seal off holes in your floors and walls. The bugs won’t have anywhere to hide when their sanctuary is sealed off.

Brush should be placed away from the house. It should be at least 12 inches away from the home. A pile of brush is an inviting home for household pests. By placing the brush within close proximity of the home, you run the risk of these insects invading through windows or doors.

You can get rid of the bugs and pests that are plaguing you. Ask the pros at your nearby home improvement center to recommend some good pest control measures. The staff can recommend a pesticide or other product that you can use to get rid of your pests.

Do you own an RV or a camper? If your store it over the winter, it can be an attractive home for mice. You can effectively keep these pests away by using natural repellents. Small sachets of rodent repellent are nontoxic and pleasant smelling, while preventing mice from making their way into your camper or RV.

Find out where bugs are coming into your house. They may be getting in spaces around the windows or you may be carrying them in yourself. After you know the entry point, you can address the problem permanently.

Recycling can attract pest. It is wise to store your recyclables outside your home. If you cannot, then you should rinse out whatever is placed in your bin. Invest in recycling containers with airtight lids to keep pests at bay.

When trying to combat a problem with mice or rats remember this: they’ll eat pretty much anything. Peanut butter, cheese, meat, jelly, etc. can all work in a trap. Don’t worry about whether the food is fresh or not. Use up something that’s spoiled by putting it in the trap.

If you are having a problem with silverfish, this tip may prove quite useful. Simply wet a newspaper and place it on the floor. Overnight, silverfish will collect on the paper. In the morning, be sure to gather them up quickly and place them in a trash bag outdoors.

Make sure that you follow the different directions that your pesticides come with for safety. Otherwise, you may never achieve the results you truly desire. Don’t skip treatments; use them daily if that’s what is directed. It could make it take weeks longer than it needs to if you do not follow the directions.

If you wish to do pest control alone, bring some pests with you when buying pesticide. This helps them decide what pest you’re dealing with and what pesticide is needed. Each pesticide is made to kill one or more specific pests. This helps to ensure that you treat your pest problem with the right products.

As previously stated, nearly every homeowner will deal with pests. To prevent their entry, use these tips. Take action right away!

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